Comercialization of fine cacao beans
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Comercialization of fine cacao beans
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Comercialization of fine cacao beans
Fine Cacao, the best chocolat
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Comercialization of fine cacao beans
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Do you want to offer your customers a unique
and healthy chocolate?

The Venezuelan cacao has a taste and aroma fantastic, with unique sensory characteristics, where you can receive any amount of flavors of the world, such as notes of molasses, fruity, floral, and toasted, to coffee and many lingering flavors. It is a cacao that evolves sensorially in mouth through heat, where it has a lingering flavor that reaches the 30 minutes and produces a pleasant magic sensation”.

Take full advantage of all the benefits of cacao and offer a premium product with our high quality beans

Cacao is a small, discrete flower tree that contrasts with the strength of its maracas. It grows under the shade of a tropical climate and with a clear sky, which allow the filtering of the solar rays.

Western Venezuela is the birthplace of the “Criollo” cacao, a highly valued product in international markets, especially by chocolatiers, due to its flavor and aroma characteristics that make it something unique.

One of the commercial markers that is known to maintain a good content of this “Criollo” genetics is “Sur del Lago”. It is a cacao with soft notes of cacao, and flavors of molasses, nuts and a very pleasant low fruit acidity. Its delicacy is its greatest attribute and is felt on the palate when it is transformed into a finished product.

In the center, east and south of the Venezuela, “Trinitario” cacao occupy the majority of the plantations.

Understanding “Trinitario” as the result of a cross between rustic and “Criollo” cacao, it is necessary to highlight that it has resulted in a cacao of the highest quality and our “Trinitario” continue to have a special touch of “Criollo” genetics, which gives it exquisite flavors and aromas, such as fruits, molasses and some notes of dried fruits, lower than those of “Sur del Lago”, but also present.


In 2022, the company conforms to the Social Investment Management, in order to develop projects to create shared value. The initial program that the company is developing is: the Cacao Traceability program.

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