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Farfix Trading LDA.

it is a Portugal-based. Operated in the process, delivery, trading, and shipping of Venezuelan cacao beans since 2016. By having a strategic alliance with a Venezuelan company, we offer a competitive price for our products to our clients around the world.

We focus on speed and agility to perfect our processes witch means that our Company has its own physical and sensory quality laboratories, ass well ass its on specialized technical staff, that assures the quality of our product. Farfix Trading LDA has a high profile of clients across the globe, which include Germany, Estonia, Malaysia, Holland, Indonesia, Israel, Spain, among others.

Our Company is a member of the European Cocoa Association (ECA) and the Cocoa Commerce Federation , and we keep on working to adapt all of our processes, ass well ass practices, to its rules.

Venezuelan`s fine cacao beans

Researchers like Motamayor, through the use of molecular markers, establish that the origin of Criollo cacao is the basin of Lake Maracaibo, in Venezuela.

It is hard to imagine anyone thinking of fine cacao aroma and not think of Venezuela. Experts, tasters and connoisseurs say, and quite rightly, that Venezuelan cacao is the best in the world. Nor would they think that cacao, genetically speaking, hails from this hot land, bathed in the Caribbean waters and the thicket of the Amazon. Aromatic, fine quality and with its own vines, the cacao beans that are sown in Venezuela are unique and unmatched.

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